1. My account is inaccessible. What should I do?

In this case a new password should be requested in the following website with the registered e-mail address:

2. Are there any costs of using the MeMOOC system?

Absolutely not. In the current stage of the MeMOOC system, it is free for everyone.

3. Is it possible to apply for the courses already begun?

You are able to apply for the unfinished courses, in case of they have started already as well. If you cannot finish the course until the closing deadline, your already completed assignments will be available as soon as the course restarts.

4. How are the courses organized?

If a course is open, it is possible to apply at any given time (in certain cases the instructor can decide otherwise). When a popular course finishes, after a short break it may restart. For the smaller courses time schedule usually as the same as the academic timetable of the University of Miskolc.

5. If a course is finished, will it be available again in the future?

Absolutely. After a course is closed, they are always being improved based on the recent experiences. It is also possible to continue at the point where it was finished. As long as the system does not fulfill the criteria of the accreditation process, there are no consequences of incomplete courses.

6. What is the difference between the Bachelor of Science and the Academic training?

The common part is significant. The main difference is that the mathematics curriculum is basal in the Academic training, but the IT science part is likely dominant as it is in the Bachelor of Science training. In case of finishing a BSc training successfully, the result is a university degree which has a higher prestige on the labor market than a certification of Academic training. A successful final exam in the Academic training means extra credit during the application for a Bachelor of Science training and it is also possible to accept fished courses later during the training.

7. Are the application requirements the same for Academic training as for Bachelor of Science training? Does it effect usage of the MeMOOC system?

It is possible to apply for Academic training without advanced level high school final exam. However, it is not required to have a final exam for using the MeMOOC system, it is open and free for everyone.

8. What is the connection between the online courses of the MeMOOC system and the IT specialist training of the University of Miskolc (Bachelor of Science, Academic training)?

The study material in the MeMOOC is designed to cover the whole IT specialist Academic training of the University of Miskolc. The accreditation process of the Academic training is still in progress: as soon as it finishes, all the information regarding this training will be available in our website. In certain cases, the IT specialist students who are in Bachelor of Science training are able to acquire grades for practical courses through the MeMOOC system.

We are more than happy to receive further feedbacks and questions regarding the MeMOOC e-learning system!