Web Application Development Practices

How to create a web application using JAVA technologies such as Servlet, JSP, Spring framework.
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About This Course

The goal of this course is to teach you how to develop web applications using JAVA technologies. I have organized this course into two parts. In the first part you will get to know the basics of JAVA based web application development, while in the second part you will be introduced to the Spring web application framework. You will begin with learning how to create and register servlets, filters and web application event listeners. Then you will see the difference between desktop and web application development. This section will give the answers to some important questions, like what is the precise meaning of ‘stateless’ in programming; or where and how can we store the application state. After you’ve obtained the basic skills, (then) you will learn how to set up the application security and I will show you bad examples, so called anti-patterns to explain the criteria of vulnerable, that is unsafe applications. In the second part, I invite you to discover the famous web application framework, called Spring. And finally I will guide you through the steps of testing your application using JMeter.


HTTP protocol, HTML markup language and JAVA programming language are required elementary knowledge.

Course Staff

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Dr. Zoltán, Krizsán PhD

I’m Zoltán Krizsán, associate professor at the University of Miskolc, (Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Informatics) Institute of Information Technologies. I graduated here in 2000 and since then I have been teaching courses on Programming basics, Object oriented programming, Software engineering, Web application development using Java, .NET based web application development, and design patterns. I have been engaged in programming languages and web application development for 10 years.

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