System Administration II.

We continue the course called System Administration I. Now we introduce and discuss the common services found on servers, along with their basic configuration.
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About this course

This course presents A kurzus betekintést ad a szerverek világába, mind hardver, mind szoftver oldalról. We introduce and discuss the common services found on servers, along with their basic configuration and management tasks. Also many other server software and services which are widely used nowadays.

Basically this is also a practice oriented course, so it presents technologies and useful tricks through exact systems and sample tasks similarly to the System Administration I. course.


  • Webservers: lighttpd, Apache HTTPD
  • Fileservers: NFS, Samba
  • Database servers: MySQL, memcached
  • E-mail systems: SMTP - Postfix, POP3/IMAP - Dovecot
  • E-mail content filtering (virus, spam)
  • System monitoring, monitoring with Nagios
  • Network time synchronization
  • System logs
  • Advanced Linux networking
  • Network applications: proxy, virtual private network, VoIP, network printing
  • Internet connection possibilites
  • Build a tipical SOHO network
  • Design and administration of networks


You'll need basic Linux knowledge for this course, so it is recommended to complete our UNIX administrator (IT.S3.UNIX.0.ex) course first, moreover it could be useful to attend to the System Administraton I. (IT.S3.SYSADMIN1.0.Ex) course.

Course Staff

Dr. Dávid Vincze

Dr. Dávid Vincze

Teaches and conducts research at the Department of Information Sciences at the University of Miskolc. Graduated in information engineering (MSc) from the University of Miskolc, later he got his PhD degree also at the University of Miskolc. He has been working with Linux based systems and as a system administrator for approximately 20 years, both in reasearch and industrial production environments. In this course he wrote the topics on server software and on advanced network configuration under Linux.

János Juhász

János Juhász

He is an IT supporter in the Service Center for Informatics at University of Miskolc. He works in the Network Operation Group. He plans, deploys and operations the computer network of the Uniersity. He received his M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miskolc. In this course he wrote the topics on network applications and on connecting to the Internet.

Miklós Szűcs

Miklós Szűcs

Gépészmérnök, informatikus. 1990-óta a Miskolci Egyetem oktatója. Adatbázis-kezelést, programozást és számítógép hálózatokat tárgyakat oktat. Fő kutatási, fejlesztési területe az adatbázisok programozása.

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    Sep 24, 2017
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    Jan 01, 2020
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