Computer Networks

Our life is laced with Computer Networks. Unnoticed it became indispensable, by not only supporting, but in some cases controlling our days. The goal of this course is to give the background information.
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About This Course

Welcome on the Computer Networks Course.

My name is Szilveszter Kovacs, I am an associate professor at the University of Miskolc, Department of Information Technology. I give lectures related to Computer Networks since 1998. The topics and the content of this course is strongly connected to the Computer Networks subject of our Information Technology related BSc education. The structure of the lessons follows the “classical” Computer Networks education. It starts with the introduction of the layered network architecture model, then from the functions and media types of the physical layer, it goes through the problems and solutions of data link, media access control, network and transport layers. Practical aspects of the Ethernet, WiFi and the TCP/IP will be discussed in more details. The goal of this course is to give the background information help the better understanding of the practical Computer Network related problems. The main goal here is answering the questions like “what is the problem”, “why it is a problem”, “how we can solve it” and “what else we can do”. I hope you will enjoy this course, or at least at the end you will be able to understand some fundamental concepts of the Computer Networks.

Good luck!



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