Application Development and Maintenance

If you are familiar with computer programming in Java, it does not mean you can develop applications. In this course you can learn how to develop applications in Java Spring MVC.
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About the course

Welcome to the course of Application developing and maintance. The most software developer develop application by using MVC and design patterns.

If you desire to be a software developer you need to know the object-oriented design principles and patterns and the way of developing using them.

In this course you can get acquaintance with every current design pattern, moreover, we teach you how and for what you can use them.

The development is performed using MVC pattern in Java language. You can learn how to develop application in Spring MVC from the installing through the configuration until the testing.

As in the real world the development is a team work, in the classes you can learn using GIT, and we show you the most frequently programming and design mistakes in the "smell code" section.

We hope you find this course useful and we hereby wish you a good preparation and learning.



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