Object-oriented programming

If you are familiar with programming in Java, it is high time learn how to follow the OOP principles and the way of creating graphical applications and forms in Java.
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About the course

Welcome everyone to the Object-oriented programming course. Today, software developers work with classes, objects and implement interfaces.

If you desire to be a software developer, or at least you want to be able to write programs in an object-oriented programming language, you have to be familiar with encapsulation, inheritance and other concepts related to objects.

Naturally, it is not enough you also need to know how to use them. You must try. You must test. And coding.

Moreover, you should be able to represent data in a graphical user interface. In this course, you can also learn how to draw and represent images and how to create forms in Java.

The main objective of this course is to teach you writing program in an object-oriented language and creating graphical user interface. And you can also play a lot.

We hope that you'll find this course useful and hereby we wish you a good preparation and learning.



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