SQL Server Programming

The SQL Server Programming: MS SQL Server and C # cooperation.
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About this Course

Dear Students,

feel warmly welcomed at the SQL server programming course. This course has been started to help you learn how can we manage databases from programming languages. In this course you will learn a lot of techniques, methods about SQL server side programming, and you will also get information how can we connect and manage databases from high-level programming language.

What we’re going to emphasize is the Microsoft MSSQL server and we are going to comment on the Oracle’s PLSQL language, and the MYSQL server’s programming facilities.

As at our college we put emphasis on teaching the C Sharp programming language we are going to highlight its introduction, review the possibilities of reaching the SQL server in the C Sharp programming language, and using the objects, tables, views, stored methods and queries stored in the database.

At the end of the course you will take a short, easier exam, but until that point we are going to acquire this knowledge with some help, advice, and a lot of independent work. We are going to process a lot of information and solve some common SQL server programming problems together in the lessons.

We are going to support your work with written description, and practice-orientated videos. We are going to provide detailed explanations how to implement SQL subprograms, triggers and what rules have to follow to implement a well-built client application.

Good luck!


Basic programming skills in C# and basic knowledge of relational database systems and SQL.

Course Staff

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Dr Radványi Tibor

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Balla Tamás

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    Feb 21, 2021
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    Jun 30, 2021
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