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Web programming (light)

Dear Student! If you attend to this course you learn the way of dynamic website development with PHP language. You will learn how to handle the forms and databases. You will be able to integrate other open source frameworks into your website to create amazing user interface within a few minutes.
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About This Course

Site Structure reason; Groups of static and dynamic websites; Website Development elements of the design workflow process; Production of barrier-free web sites; principles; Web page development tools; web development software, general shape Tags; CSS3 style stock structure, creating, linking; Macromedia Dreamweaver; Multimedia options; Define site-ok; The principle of operation of Dreamweaver templates; Making templates and website; Creating CSS layouts; Java scripting options; Mold making; Charging and testing site from the web server; HTML code for PhP programs; PHP and HTML; Making Web applications, preparation of system administration interfaces; Introduction remotely using the database; User entry and interactions; Making generating HTML output, database-driven websites.


Basic knowledge of HTML

Knowledge of a programming language

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